Phil Hellmuth What You Need to Know About This Extraordinary Poker Player

Little wonder Phil Hellmuth, who has a pride large enough to describe himself as the greatest poker player in history, thinks he needs to share his poker and his views on life with the rest of the world. So if you have to remember how strong a superstar Phil is, how much he drank last week, or how great he is, the Phil Hellmuth blog is just right for you.

Hellmuth has been running the blog since 2006 and updates it with detailed data twice a month. He writes about his poker session (live and online) and his family life and his insights into the thinking world of Poker Bratz. A frequent topic is ‘Burn-Out’. How stressed out and how hard things can happen sometimes. “It’s all about it.” If you’re curious, we don’t quote Madonna and Brad Pitt. Phil Hellmuth’s words are very personal. And how hard his life should have been.

But sometimes there are writings that realize that Hellmuth doesn’t always spin around the world. In his last article in 2009, for example, he looks back over the past decade and even gives an entire part to some of his poker colleagues. In this part, players like Ivy, Brusson and Negreanu celebrate their success and recognize their abilities and achievements.

Nevertheless, Phil Hellmuth is, of course, the center of his blog and will continue to be remembered. If you are a Phil Hellmuth fan, this blog provides the perfect opportunity to delve into his thoughts, perhaps one of the most brilliant figures in poker has the chance to get the latest information on all of his activities. To everyone else, the blog will once again make clear why players as different as Phil Hellmuth polarizes the poker world, and that comic aspect cannot be ignored.

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